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BIOSS SA’s unique management consulting solutions are targeted at 3 areas – Strategy, Structure and People.  They are aligned with the Matrix of Working Relationships methodology (MWR) and underpinned by our core value of Appreciation.

Four Reasons to Work with Us

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We are a team of experienced organisational psychologists and management consultants.
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We have a strong internal research and data analytics capability supported by a solid IT infrastructure
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We have a proven track record and service over 200 clients in all SA regions and further afield into Africa
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We are technology driven, innovative and focused on using best practice tools, techniques and methodologies
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Appreciative Conversations and Neuroscience

In this discussion, I would like to summarise some of the neuroscience concepts learnt on a recent course I completed online – “Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence”- (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH USA). I would particularly like to link

The Value of Assessment Centres and Psychometric Testing

The objective of an assessment centre and psychometric testing is to tap into the maximum potential that a person has by assessing a broad range of abilities, attributes, values, competencies and behavioural styles. An integrated set of methods and models

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