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BIOSS SA’s unique management consulting solutions are targeted at 3 areas – Strategy, Structure and People.  They are aligned with the Matrix of Working Relationships methodology (MWR) and underpinned by our core value of Appreciation.

Four Reasons to Work with Us

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We are a team of experienced organisational psychologists and management consultants.
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We have a strong internal research and data analytics capability supported by a solid IT infrastructure
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We have a proven track record and service over 200 clients in all SA regions and further afield into Africa
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We are technology driven, innovative and focused on using best practice tools, techniques and methodologies
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Latest Blogs

Recruiting Sales Consultants: A Case Study

A client of ours in the financial services industry had historically used a DiSC based behavioural tool as a key component of their selection processes. However, they began to realise that, despite identifying what they thought were the ideal behavioural

An Easy Way to Analyse Behaviour and Get it Right

The Personal Development Analysis (PDA) is an online behavioural tool that helps managers select the right people for their teams i.e. someone who fits their team’s culture, values, work ethic, and blend of personalities. During a selection process it’s generally

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