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Strategy 2

Organisations and Strategy

“Strategy” is a concept that is flouted and used widely, in all business environments. It seems that every leader, manager, supervisor and even technical specialist strives to “think strategically” about the work that they do, and business schools and MBA

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Recruiting Sales Consultants: A Case Study

A client of ours in the financial services industry had historically used a DiSC based behavioural tool as a key component of their selection processes. However, they began to realise that, despite identifying what they thought were the ideal behavioural

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An Easy Way to Analyse Behaviour and Get it Right

The Personal Development Analysis (PDA) is an online behavioural tool that helps managers select the right people for their teams i.e. someone who fits their team’s culture, values, work ethic, and blend of personalities. During a selection process it’s generally

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The Future is all about what makes us Human

A call to restore humanity in the workplace. I believe that a call to restore humanity in the workplace is emerging and that this call is not only coming from the generation Y’s and Millennium kids. Old school management practices

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