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Is Capability only about Intelligence?

If one looks back into psychological academic literature, one would see that research on cognition and capability has developed in parallel to one another over the years, with both being identified as influencers of individual and organisational performance. As a

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Online Assessments: Faster, Simpler & More Cost Effective

Over the last decade the world of work has changed drastically. It’s therefore no surprise that the way in which I/O Psychologists or Psychometrists conduct assessments has changed as well. For the practice of assessments to continue to add value

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Organisational Design

Organisation Design, Levels of Work and Innovation

Why Innovation in Work Design? A key question being asked by today’s organisational designers is: “how do we design structures and jobs so that we create a culture of innovation?” This is based on the premise that in today’s VUCA

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BIOSS SA MD Lisa Ashton is interviewed by Leadership Magazine: An Excerpt

Leadership Magazine talks to BIOSS Southern Africa CEO Lisa Ashton about management consulting and the benefits it offers. Leadership Magazine: What is the essence of management consultancy? Lisa Ashton: There are three main areas where management consultancies can contribute to an

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Long Range Thinking, Time and the Future

To be human is to ponder the future. From their very beginnings human beings have tried to anticipate tomorrow. They noted the cycles of the seasons and fertility; they noted the phases of the moon, the changing of the tides.

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