Over time and due to multiple business drivers, organisations re-structure resulting in changes to organisational functions, reporting lines, roles, job profiles and placement / recruitment of employees aligned with legislative requirements.
MTN South Africa (MTN SA) embarked on such a total overhaul in 2014 changing the organisational model to align with its customer experience vision. The scope of this programme included re-alignment of existing functions, definition of new functions and a change in the operating model as these revised and new functions had to achieve outcomes in an end-to-end fashion. I was assigned as programme manager for this initiative overseeing multiple work streams such as communication and change management, organisational structure definition (all elements), process and operating model changes and placement / recruitment of employees.
As this programme focussed on the entire organisation, approval was obtained to outsource certain work streams in order to accommodate large volumes and to standardise artefacts of this process. BIOSS was contracted to deliver two specific bodies of work: rewriting / standardising all job profiles aligned to the new organisational model, and the recruitment of new and placement of existing employees. BIOSS was chosen based on their expertise in this domain and because they could accommodate the scale that was required.
BIOSS delivered quality outputs on time, in a professional manner and according to the programme requirements. Their expertise ensured that the programme closed out with a standardised set of job profiles across multiple levels and complexities. In addition all employees were mapped and placed, and external recruitment concluded amidst a challenging environment of organisational transformation.
Based on the value that BIOSS added for this particular programme and my current engagement with BIOSS regarding another special project for MTN SA, I can recommend BIOSS unequivocally.
Dr. Hanlie Smuts, General Manager: Product & Digital, MTN - MOBILE TELEPHONE NETWORKS (PTY) LTD
In my capacity of Head of Transformation and Organisational Development, I have engaged the services of BIOSS Southern Africa on a variety of projects and have always been entirely satisfied with the services BIOSS delivers.
Our relationship entails the following support:
• Role Profiling projects in support of specific HR initiatives
• Job Architecture projects to assist in the organisational design initiatives
• Professional support and advice regarding organisational Talent Management frameworks and data management.
• Integration of Levels of Work with other scientific frameworks to generate organisational insight and appropriate action
BIOSS is a values driven company with competent and professional consultants whom always act with integrity.  It is their mission to add value to their clients and to bring about sustained change and improvement. I can highly recommend BIOSS to any organisation with confidence to deliver quality work in any of the areas mentioned above.
Ester Kruger, Discovery
MTN has over the years used levels of work as a key differentiator to ensure that the right people are placed in the right roles at the right time. Using LoW theory has enabled the business to be more effective in defining a set of expected requirements to function at each level of the organisation, from Level 1 to Level 6. It is against these standards informed by LOW that individuals can manage their careers more effectively and line managers can make better quality people decisions and appointments.
Trudie Stikarovsky, Senior Manager: Global Mobility & Talent Management, MTN
The Levels of Work model has made a massive impact on the Talent and Resourcing practices within Anglo American. It provides a scientific framework in which we understand complexity of roles and the nature of work required at various critical levels within our organization.
We use this model extensively when designing structures, developing leaders and recruiting the required capability to deliver on the strategy of the organization.
To this end we only use the Career Path Appreciation to appreciate each individual’s unique contribution within the model and to endure that as far as possible we ensure a state of flow for our employees. Not only does this interview provide the organization with extremely valuable information, but it also provides an environment in which our employees can pause and reflect on their careers. This experience is almost always described as extremely valuable to the employees.
Jaco Klopper, Industrial & Organisational Psychologist (PS0091162), AngloAmerican
We at Aramex have partnered with Bioss for over six years now.
Over this time we have used a range of their assessment including the PDA, CPA, SJT and EIP.
All these assessments have formed part of the critical information that we have used in making business decisions.
The value add of these tools is that they have provided us with insight into specific individual situations as well as allowed us to identify patterns and profiles to improve our recruitment and talent management processes.
We consider our partnership with Bioss a strategic and long term relationship.
Chantal Schoombie, HR Executive , Aramex South Africa
Your experience of working with BIOSS
I first worked with Bioss at the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) in the Employee Engagement space and found them to be very professional and thorough in the work that they do. I have subsequently utilized their services to validate our talent programs at Boubyan Bank in the Middle East.
The type of work done
At DBSA it was analysis on the employee engagement survey to identify key focus areas for the company to work on. At Boubyan Bank it was the implementation of the MCPA for 18 of our senior leaders which entailed online set up for assessments, debrief and then feedback per candidate. They went above and beyond to do further analysis with us on the projected career paths for staff in the same area of work.
The value you have received from the work done
It validated what we already knew but it allowed us to do it with an impartial external party.
Business impact
Huge! It allowed us to confirm our talent findings and invest where it made sense in the people that had the most ability. It also allowed us to tailor our post development for the staff in question.
Rashaad Price, Assistant General Manager - Human Resources Group, Boubyan Bank
Bidvest Bank has been utilizing the services of BIOSS SA for a number of years now mostly in the assessment space. We make use of their PsyMetrics products (Elite Intellect Profile and Situational Judgement Tests) as well as a few others and have received really good value from them.
BIOSS’ assessments have added great value to the bank in terms of improving our talent assessment and management practices. We have also seen an ROI with respect to improved talent in the business, less turnover, and enhanced productivity.
I would recommend BIOSS because of their professionalism, integrity, flexility and ability to impact business performance in a positive manner.
Liezl du Preez, Human Capital Administrator - Transactional Banking - Inland Corporate Office - Johannesburg , Bidvest Bank
I have been professionally acquainted with Avril Robson, Consulting Manager for Bioss SA for the past 5 years; first in my capacity as HRBP with WesBank, and then for the past 3 years, in my capacity as HR Manager for Volkswagen Financial Services SA (Pty) Ltd (VWFS). Avril and colleagues partnered with WesBank in assessing, designing and aligning job roles across the business to the Levels of Work framework. Her relationship with the WesBank Group entails upskilling HR professionals on SST / Levels of Work theory, methodology and implementation as well as extensive ongoing consultation on developing role profiles that are aligned to both organisational strategy and the Levels of work. Within the VWFS space, Avril has been involved in the enhancement of current role profiles and the development of new role profiles and has partnered with WesBank to ensure the correct evaluation of the roles. This project has been a critical one for VWFS as a developing entity and her professionalism, expertise and level headed approach has ensured successful delivery of the project. Avril is currently performing a LoW Audit within our Risk department at VWFS in order to better optimise the work that is done by the department.
The Bioss team is always prepared, accommodative, sets clear direction for business and gets the job done. I would be pleased to recommend Bioss Southern Africa as a business and HR partner for any projects that relate to Levels of Work, including but not necessarily limited to Organisational design and Role profiling.
Prudence Hlwempu, Human Resources Manager, Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa PTY (LTD)
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