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From Potential to Performance

Who has Potential?  From Potential to Performance A key talent trend that has emerged is a focus on predicting potential in organisations. In fact we are seeing the obsession with performance being overshadowed by it. The question however remains how

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Enhance Flow, Improve Productivity

Research on Flow and Productivity Consider how you spend your time. How much work you get done during an average day? An average week? Now imagine being five times more productive. Not five percent more productive. But five hundred percent

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Improving Organisational and People Effectiveness

A 3 Step Process Current literature and conference themes often focus on the role of management and human capital consultancies to improve organisational effectiveness. Case studies are often presented and models and theories abound as to how to “get the

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Do your employees make ‘good’ decisions?

We all know the consequences of making a bad decision at work – wastage of time, resources, money and reputation. We also know that decision-making is an integral part of organisational life. Every day requires employees, managers and leaders to

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How do you make effective organisational decisions?

Managers often ask: Should I act for short-term results, or think long-term? and How is long term thinking still relevant in this fast paced, ever changing world? This has always been the work of BIOSS. We appreciate and understand the

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The Value of Understanding Structure

The assessment industry is booming and has done so for many years. The industry has progressed to the point where it is definitely best practice for companies to include a battery of psychometric assessments for recruitment, developmental processes and succession

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“Flow” and Performance

The Concept of Flow Central to the work of BIOSS SA is the concept of ‘flow’. According to Gillian Stamp, flow is “a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the

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Getting into the flow at work – What leaders can do to engage their staff

“There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organisation’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. It goes without saying that no company,  small or large, can win over the

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Private Equity & Business Psychology

‘The issue for private equity is whether the intuitive and instinctive approach to selection it seems to prefer will guarantee success as deals get bigger and the stakes higher. We are finding more and more private equity investors are concluding

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Succession Planning

Challenges to Succession Planning

In industry, there is a cliché that “successful companies look after their talent” and that “our leadership pipeline flows smoothly”. There are a glut of articles that discuss the need to have a succession plan in place, and acronyms about

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