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Designing Agile Organisations Part 3: Best Practice Guidelines and Perpspectives

Best practice guidelines and perspectives When designing agile structures, the following guidelines may be helpful: BEST PRACTICE NATURE Levels of Work  Theory   Levels of Work Theory helps to unpack organisational complexity. Ensure the structure is Requisite and that role

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BIOSS SA improves organisational and people effectiveness.

Designing Agile Organisations Part 2: Basic Principles and Recommendations

Basic principles and recommendations for designing agile organisations Built-to-change organisations must be in close touch with market and other environmental demands to continually define and redefine a series of short-term competitive advantages. To achieve that, all employees — not just

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Designing Agile Organisations Part 1: The Changing World of Work

Part 1: The Changing World of Work Over the years, we have seen the workplace go through a number of dramatic changes: The dress code has shifted away from the suit and tie. There are entire jobs devoted only to

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How to Improve your Talent Management & Succession Planning

Principles and Factors to Consider For Succession and Talent Management I read a headline this morning: “Organisation embarks on succession planning as CEO plans to retire”. Really? A little too late, I thought! Why is it so hard to understand

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Improving Organisational and People Effectiveness

A 3 Step Process Current literature and conference themes often focus on the role of management and human capital consultancies to improve organisational effectiveness. Case studies are often presented and models and theories abound as to how to “get the

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Role Profiles – the Building Blocks of Organisational Development & Strategy

Over the past couple of years, I have been privileged to partner with numerous clients in their quest to get their organisational Role Profiles written, up-to date, and ready to add practical and strategic value to the company. What has

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The Value of Understanding Structure

The assessment industry is booming and has done so for many years. The industry has progressed to the point where it is definitely best practice for companies to include a battery of psychometric assessments for recruitment, developmental processes and succession

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Organisational Change: The # 1 reason why it fails

Organisational Change and Communication Did you know that 70% of all changes attempted in organisations fail? The single most important reason for this is so obvious and so simple. Yet we don’t do it! Can you guess? Let me give

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Organisational Design: Why does Hierarchy persist?

The world today is a very different place to what it was in the early days of capitalism. Today, we live in a globally interconnected VUCA world, where technology and automation promise that it will be very different again in

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