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From Potential to Performance

Who has Potential?  From Potential to Performance A key talent trend that has emerged is a focus on predicting potential in organisations. In fact we are seeing the obsession with performance being overshadowed by it. The question however remains how

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Employing the right person – what to do!

If you have ever had the experience of appointing the wrong person for a job, you will also be familiar with the costs and frustrations that this can cause for the person, as well as clients and other employees. Fortunately,

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Service Orientation

Does your organisation function within the Service Industry? Excellence and reliability in customer service is critical to success. With the increasing number of businesses capable of providing quality products at a reasonable price, customer service has become the competitive difference.

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Recruiting Sales Consultants: A Case Study

A client of ours in the financial services industry had historically used a DiSC based behavioural tool as a key component of their selection processes. However, they began to realise that, despite identifying what they thought were the ideal behavioural

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An Easy Way to Analyse Behaviour and Get it Right

The Personal Development Analysis (PDA) is an online behavioural tool that helps managers select the right people for their teams i.e. someone who fits their team’s culture, values, work ethic, and blend of personalities. During a selection process it’s generally

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Growth 15

Personal Development Analysis (PDA) Case Study

An organisation’s strategy is a blue print for its future. A set of objectives and goals established to help the organisation achieve growth, increase profits, and ensure its medium to long term viability and sustainability. Most organisations approach the development

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