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BIOSS SA improves organisational and people effectiveness.

Designing Agile Organisations Part 2: Basic Principles and Recommendations

Basic principles and recommendations for designing agile organisations Built-to-change organisations must be in close touch with market and other environmental demands to continually define and redefine a series of short-term competitive advantages. To achieve that, all employees — not just

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Designing Agile Organisations Part 1: The Changing World of Work

Part 1: The Changing World of Work Over the years, we have seen the workplace go through a number of dramatic changes: The dress code has shifted away from the suit and tie. There are entire jobs devoted only to

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BIOSS SA improves organisational and people effectiveness.

Leadership in Steering Compliance: Unintended Consequences & Judgement

Do we consider the ability of leaders to deal with compliance matters when we appoint them? Technological innovation has led to big jumps in how we think about and manage organisations. This applies especially to the myriad of possibilities opened

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Beyond Capability – Flow and Culture

The Concept of Flow Hungarian professor of Psychology Mihali Csikszentmihalyi initially described the notion of flow in his seminal work, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, as a ‘state of complete absorption with the activity at hand and the situation,

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Retaining your customers and growing a successful business

The #1 way an organization can improve customer retention Organisations have to go beyond price and selection. What they need to do is leverage their most under-utilized assets — their employee base. Passionate, engaged employees can deliver personal customer experiences

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Enhance Flow, Improve Productivity

Research on Flow and Productivity Consider how you spend your time. How much work you get done during an average day? An average week? Now imagine being five times more productive. Not five percent more productive. But five hundred percent

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How to Improve your Talent Management & Succession Planning

Principles and Factors to Consider For Succession and Talent Management I read a headline this morning: “Organisation embarks on succession planning as CEO plans to retire”. Really? A little too late, I thought! Why is it so hard to understand

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Improving Organisational and People Effectiveness

A 3 Step Process Current literature and conference themes often focus on the role of management and human capital consultancies to improve organisational effectiveness. Case studies are often presented and models and theories abound as to how to “get the

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Are we seeing the end of assessment for person-job matching?

In today’s competitive talent environment, there is a need for organisations to ensure that assessments used for recruitment or development are as effective and efficient as possible – that is, to accurately predict  job fit and  future performance. The classic

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How to Sustain Organisational Growth: Valuing your Staff

Bigger is better, more more more. In our society this motto is common, the more we have the more we want and this leads to continuous dissatisfaction, unnecessary stress, burnout and more often than not a complete implosion of the

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