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Case Study: Graylink

What was the purpose of the work?

To help the Graylink executives to both understand their preferred leadership styles, as well as
to determine the required leadership style/s in order to help execute their strategic objectives.
Graylink, a successful software development company in the recruitment field had grown rapidly
over the past few years where the focus was on enhancing both revenue growth and
profitability. It was acknowledged by the executive team that they were now at the stage where
they were looking inwardly to determine how to empower their staff so that the business could
progress to the next stage. Thus the business model needed to be more people-centric and
consequently BIOSS was asked to run an executive team intervention making use of the
Personal Development Analysis (PDA) behavioural tool as a basis for enabling strategy

Case Study: Mining Organisation 360 Talent Dashboard

What was the purpose of the work?

This global mining organisation identified a need to incorporate 360 assessment feedbacks into their
global talent management framework. BIOSS SA was tasked with developing a framework for assessing
the key competencies and business requirements and then using a structured semi-quantitative process
to assess over 200 senior managers globally.

Case Study: Mediclinic

What was the purpose of the work?

In order to assess the competence and developmental areas of their Human Resource
Business Partners (HRBPs), Mediclinic engaged with us to develop a totally customised 360
assessment, linked to their internally derived HRBP Competency Model. We co-created the
survey with the client through a process of ongoing engagement and feedback, which informed
the complete design of the survey. This included the items selected to be assessed, the
definitions of each competency area, as well as the definitions of the rating scale. The report
template was also customised to the client’s requirements.

Case Study: Multinational Merger

What was the purpose of the work?

To assist a merge between 6 different companies operating in 17 African countries, by providing
talent analytics on the top 250 executives. This data was used to assist the client optimise their
human capital, by ensuring the correct people were placed in the correct positions.

Case Study: Port Redesign and Skills Development

What was the purpose of the work?

This African Port organisation consisting of approximately 800 employees was facing a proposed expansion project and needed to identify the current and future number and nature of skills required, with a view to compiling an organisational development plan in order to meet these future projected needs.

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