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BIOSS is the distributor of the PsyMetrics suite of assessment products in Africa.

PsyMetrics is an assessment system containing a comprehensive library of behavioral, skills and competency-based assessments, which provides a unique approach to identifying and developing talent.

By selecting the ‘right’ people into the ‘right’ roles we create the conditions for employees to experience ‘flow’ and engagement.

In addition to targeted solutions, we offer the ability to mix and match assessment content to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Through innovation and science, we are able to forecast elite performance.

PsyMetrics assessments have been administered to millions of individuals and have been implemented by over 10,000 organisations worldwide.

The PsyMetrics portal contains over 20 assessment products as seen below:

Custom Tests

PsyMetric’s custom approach to talent assessment ensures organisations are only testing for those behaviors and skills that are relevant to the job. This approach increases validity while at the same time reduces test administration time significantly.

BIOSS’ Industrial Psychologists and Psychometrists work with you to identify those skills and behavioral characteristics that are required for job success. A test battery is then built by mixing and matching the job relevant scales

PsyMetrics users globally include:

Cleveland Cavaliers

Holiday Inn

Los Angeles Lakers

Pepsi cola

United Way


Kenya Revenue Authority

Base Titanium

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