Jacques is currently the Director – Business Management at BIOSS Southern Africa, and has formed part of the BIOSS SA team since 2004. He has extensive experience in the areas of assessment, assessment centres, training, coaching, competency design, organisational design, talent management, career development and succession planning. He currently leads the integrated delivery of BIOSS SA assessment, training and consulting services.

He has over 20 years’ experience working in the HR field, both locally and globally across various industries including mining, financial services, pharmaceuticals, transportation, FMCG and government. During this time he has led projects focusing on total organisational redesign and development. He has also supported clients in the design and development of assessment centres, competency design, talent management models and processes, assessment practices, as well as the design and delivery of various bespoke interventions aimed at empowering clients to build their skills internally.

Jacques lives in Johannesburg. He is an avid reader, a nature lover and a keen student of the work of Carl Jung. He is passionate about designing requisite and flexible organisations that allow for the optimal utilisation of people as a competitive advantage. He holds a B.Com Hons degree in Industrial Psychology.

jacques haworth

Jacques Haworth