Charles Du Toit has 28 years’ experience in the field of Human Resources, leadership and has served in a number of executive positions in leading organisations around the country. He is currently the HR Director at Eveready as well as an Executive of Global Business Solutions. He is the chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Metro Human Resource Forum, the NMB Business Chamber HR Task Group, and until recently he served on the board of the NMMU Business School.

Charles completed his Ph.D in Leadership and Change in 2014 and has lectured on Human Resources, Strategy and Leadership for the past 12 years at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Gibbs and a number of other institutions. He is currently the Leadership Lecturer of the NMMU Business School.  As an Executive of Global Business Solutions, Charles consults on all aspects of Human Resources as well as assisting companies to develop leadership strategies and soft skills to move their business into the next millennium.

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