Linked Psychometric Assessment (LPA)

The LPA® is a fully computerised ‘expert’ linked psychometric assessment, with an online questionnaire called the LPQ®, which takes candidates through 6 assessments in 45-60 minutes. These cover the 29 dimensions shown in the table below.

These are key areas that condition how executives function as members of a management team.

LPA Dimensions


Practical Type
Consulting Type
Driving Type
New Ideas Type
Catalyst Type
Critical Judge Type
Supportive Type
Detail Type

Personal Qualities

Mood Stability
Risk Control

Handling Conflict

Challenging Style
Resolving Style
Judicial Style
Defusing Style
Harmonious Style

Work Styles

Stimulus Control Style
Serious Mindedness
Planning Style

Learning Styles


Managerial Style

Managerial Style

More than 30 years in development, the LPA offers a uniquely relevant approach to the application of psychometrics in a working environment. The LPA program highlights the often complex inter-relationships between Personality and the five other key functional areas shown in the table above. This provides information that is directly relevant to a person’s working experience.

The LPA program has a built-in suite of utilities that enables the user to carry out sophisticated analysis within teams and groups, to assess people against user-determined profiles, and to run all common statistical functions e.g. T Test, Correlations and Factor Analysis. LPA produces a series of clearly written and jargon-free text reports, which are designed to support executive development.

LPA makes a significant contribution to career development, executive selection, and job profiling.

The LPA program is held by consultants, or by company or organisation HR professionals. Candidates complete the LPQ questionnaire online and results are delivered automatically to the consultants or company or organisation HR professionals who will be handling the feedback.