Bioss SA is now offering a gamified assessment solution through an exciting partnership with The Talent Games (a world leader in gamification).

Our cutting-edge gamified assessments combine artificial intelligence with the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience to allow companies to engage top millennial talent at scale.

More than just a game, our gamified talent assessments are scientifically proven to accurately evaluate each candidate’s cognitive abilities, aptitude, and behaviour.

Gamified assessments provide your candidates with real work-life scenarios and cognitive games, which allows candidates to experience what it would be like working in your organisation. This is an innovative and fun alternative to traditional psychometric assessment, but with all of the same benefits.

An Improved Candidate Experience with Bioss SA & The Talent Games

Six in ten applicants admit abandoning a job application process because it took too long. That means the majority of your candidate pool is opting out based on outdated processes alone.

By modernizing their pre-screening and assessments with The Talent Games, forward-thinking organisations are reducing candidate drop-off while exponentially growing their talent pools and winning the war for top talent by creating an engaging and fun alternative to the standard recruiting process.

Clients using our Gamified Assessments