Our Track Record

  • We have a proven track record since 1989.
  • We service over 200 clients and 13 international partners
  • Strong and experienced consulting team with local and international exposure.

Our Reach

  • We can service all regions in South Africa and further afield into Africa.
  • We work with global partners on all continents

Our Competitive Advantage

We are global leaders in:

  • Delivering Levels of Work Solutions
  • Delivering Psychometric and Capability Assessments
  • Determining Talent Readiness
  • Creating Flow and Engagement
  • Organisational Design and creating a Requisite Structure
  • Performing Structural and Talent analytics
  • Delivering Change Management training and consulting solutions

Our Approach

  • We are the only consulting organisation in Southern Africa that is licensed to use the CPA, MCPA, LPA, IRIS, ELDI, ORA and the Matrix of Working Relationships (also known as Levels of Work).
  • Our appreciative consulting approach unlocks value and creates growth for our clients