Engaging with complexity is a fundamental part of the BIOSS SA perspective. Performance at work hinges heavily upon having the capability to make effective decisions in the face of uncertainty and complexity.

If employees have the ‘right’ capability to manage the complexity of their roles they are more likely to:

  • Experience ‘flow’ and ‘engagement’
  • Make better decisions
  • Perform better
  • Experience more job satisfaction and commitment

Our capability assessments assess an individual’s:

  • Current capability to manage complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty
  • Decision-making capability (operational through to strategic)
  • Theme of Work where he/she will experience ‘flow’ and engagement
  • Current and future potential
  • Rate of growth and development
  • Talent readiness for upward or lateral career movements

Our capability assessments will therefore help you to:

  • Select the ‘right people into the right roles’ at all organisational levels
  • Select or develop management through to executive level employees
  • Increase the level of flow and engagement in your organisation
  • Enhance strategic decision-making
  • Create a platform for mentoring, career path management, competency development
  • Identify and develop talent pools for succession planning and leadership development programs
  • Identify ‘high potentials’ and your talent bench strength/pipeline
  • Create meaningful leadership in your organisation
  • Enhance job and organisational performance
  • Improve talent retention, job satisfaction and commitment

Our Capability Products Include:

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