Structural and Talent Analytics

Do you need the following questions answered?

  • How efficient / inefficient is our organisational structure?
  • What % of our company’s employees are engagement and in ‘flow’?
  • How much wastage and cost is being incurred due to a lack of engagement?
  • Are the right people in the right roles?
  • Are our reporting lines correct?
  • Are our employees being properly led?
  • Do we know who our ‘talent’ is for succession purposes?
  • Do we know when our ‘talent’ will be ready for their next move?
  • Do you need to identify future talent and business challenges

BIOSS SA in uniquely positioned to help your organisation answer these questions, as we are at the forefront of structural and talent management analytics. We provide analytics on barriers to strategy execution, structural inefficiencies, and reasons for non-performance.

Our technology solutions include:

  • Genie
    • Organisational Mapping
    • Mode Plots
    • Capability Balance Sheets
    • Talent Management and Succession