Engage 360 Feedback Solution

Raise Your Leadership Game by using a 360 degree feedback tool

Why use Engage 360?

Assess your individual capabilities and behaviours to enhance your performance. Widen the lens and gain a comprehensive, all-round insight into the strengths and development areas to maximise your leadership potential.

  • Know where you stand
    Drive growth through self-awareness by identifying your blind spots.
  • Receive credible feedback on your performance
    Get a well-rounded and multifaceted overview of yourself with anonymous, candid responses.
  • Compare yourself with the best leaders
    Reflect on differences between yourself and top quartile scoring leaders to elevate your work.
  • Get a full-fledged 360 feedback-based development plan
    Obtain an action-oriented development plan tailored specifically to your individual improvement.
  • Take actionable guidance from an executive coach
    Amplify your strengths and focus on development opportunities with executive coaching.

Product Features

  • Ultra-streamlined user experience
    Delivers a top-of-the-line experience that ensures high completion rates by all stakeholders
  • An all-encompassing leadership competency framework
    Uses a real-world-tested leadership framework that is developed by converging more than 100 different leadership mode
  • Clear, concise and easy-to-understand reports
    Provides valuable feedback with simple and naturally intuitive reports to give you a better understanding of your leadership strengths and development areas.
  • Benchmark with the best of the best
    Compares your scores to relevant external benchmarks by industry, sector and leadership level.
  • Access to development suggestions
    Offers personalized suggestions based on your 360 survey results to boost the development journey

How it Works

  • Register yourself and share your details
  • Select your raters and invite them with personalised emails
  • Solicit feedback from raters through the 360 survey
  • Receive your insightful feedback report with personalised development suggestions
  • Create your own development plan
  • Invite an executive coach to help you on your development journey

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