What is Organisational Design?

Sound organisational structure is the key to strategy execution and the ability to “live out” your corporate values. Bioss SA helps organisations assess the soundness of their current organisational design / structure and recommends requisite changes to enhance organisational and people effectiveness.

When implementing our Organisational Design methodology, we focus on creating a requisite structure that is aligned to business strategy and company values. We do this by analysing and unpacking themes / levels of work, lines of authority, vertical and horizontal relationships, job tasks and accountabilities, spans of control and discretionary space.

Strategic Organisational Design is beneficial when you are faced with the following challenges:

  • A poorly designed organisational structure
  • Upscaling, downscaling, M&A’s, organic growth, retrenchment
  • A lack of role clarity, accountability, and authority
  • Inefficient reporting lines
  • Poor levels of communication, task execution and leadership
  • Poor or suboptimal bottom-line performance
  • Inability to create high performing teams

At Bioss SA we create an optimal organisational design through:

Designing the Organisation