Working Relationships Appreciation (WRA)

What is Working relationships Appreciation?

Our success, engagement and satisfaction at work is greatly impacted upon by the quality of relationships we have. These can be the relationships we have with our managers, colleagues, peers, direct reports, and suppliers and customers.

The WRA uses a sophisticated 36 assessment technology, based upon Bioss’ Tripod of Work Model, to measure working relationships, and in doing so helps determine the steps that need to be taken to change the working environment to the significant benefit of the people working within it, and the overall organisation.

Why use the WRA?

  • Flow and Engagement: create the conditions for flow and engagement by diagnosing issues that are detrimental to positive working relationships.
  • Work Relationships: understand, enhance and consolidate working relationships throughout your organisation.
  • Culture: analyse organisational culture and determines changes required to foster more positive working relationships.
  • Coaching: use the WRA as part of coaching interventions to enhance work performance.
  • Uniqueness: cutting edge technology, theoretical underpinning, and value-add.
  • Rigour: based upon the widely used Tripod of Work management model and theory.
  • Online: 100% cloud-based; data safe and secure.
  • Technology platform: access your own WRA system.
  • Reporting: customisable reporting formats.
  • Costing: flexible costing structure.
  • Application: organisational development, culture and change, talent management, coaching interventions, employee and organisational effectiveness.

WRA Training

  • Levels of Work
  • Flow and engagement
  • Tripod of Work management model
  • WRA technology platform
  • Interpretation of results
  • Providing feedback

Additional information can be sourced by contacting the Johannesburg office on +27 (0) 11 450 2434 or emailing