Bart joined Third Foundation Systems (TFS) in 1998, prior to the formation of BIOSS SA. His 22 years of corporate work was mainly in the mining industry, initially in HR specialist and management roles and later in corporate level roles. He has been consulting and freelancing as a BIOSS Associate for more than 10 years. Bart maintains that the notion of “people being a company’s main asset” becomes very apparent when realising that having the right people in the right place at the right time is an essential component of ensuring the success of a business. The BIOSS approach and products are aimed at helping organisations to achieve this.

Since becoming a Freelance Consultant and BIOSS SA Associate, Bart has met thousands of people and had discussions with them as individuals as well as their managers, peers and subordinates. He has always founded it very interesting to talk to people and listen to their stories, especially their recollection of their careers, lives, experiences, their dreams for the future and their fears and joys.

Bart Kuijers - Associate