Elna joined BIOSS SA as an associate in 2007. She holds a Masters degree in Industrial Psychology and has a wealth of experience in talent management and psychological assessments. Her specific interests are Christian religion, positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, and qualitative techniques. She is keen to develop her organisational development skills.

Early in 1991 Elna was trained in the CPA methodology by AngloGold. She conducted CPA’s and information was integrated into talent decisions. Towards the latter part of the 1990’s she implemented the CPA methodology as part of integrated assessment and talent management strategies at Amalgamated Beverage Industries. Subsequent to that Elna utilised CPA information as a source of intelligence to facilitate and support strategic talent management decisions. Since 2007, she has been freelancing and has been working as an associate for BIOSS SA administering CPA, as well as validating MCPA’s. She has also been involved in various job description projects, providing feedback on psychological assessments, and performing 360 leadership and value assessments.