Louise holds an MA degree in Social Sciences and an MBA, and is a registered Counseling Psychologist. She has consulted with a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sectors since 2003. Louise has also designed and implemented various Human Resources, Change Management and Management interventions such as restructuring and re-engineering support, change management facilitation sessions, conducting assessment centres and job evaluation.

In her consulting approach, Louise prefers to listen to the client and to adapt existing consulting processes and systems to her clients’ needs. She believes that you cannot provide a solution to the client without proper buy-in and understanding.

Louise has worked with CPA and the Matrix of Working Relationships since 1997. She trained as a CPA and IRIS practitioner in 1997 and as a MWR practitioner in 1998, and has used these processes extensively in her consulting career since 2000.

Louise Niemand - Associate