Gamified Assessments & Return on Investment

By 2024 the Global Gamification market is predicted to have a market valuation of $40 billion up from $6,8 billion in 2018.

Given the growing size of this market, and organisations’ increasing spend on Gamified assessments, as part of their recruitment processes, unpacking the ROI of this assessment technology is pertinent.

In this blog, The Talent Games therefore discusses the ROI of using Gamified assessments, as part of an organisation’s recruitment process.

When an organisation is deciding whether or not to invest in Gamified assessments, an obvious question to ask is whether the spend is justified or not?

This blog answers the question by specifically outlining the 8 different ways in which Gamified assessments ensure that organisations maximise their ROI. These include:

  1. Reduced time-to-hire
  2. Reaching out to a diverse talent pool
  3. Improvement in the candidate experience
  4. Accurately predicting top talent
  5. Ensuring less candidate drop-off
  6. Minimising hiring cost
  7. Boosting your employer brand
  8. Decreasing employee turnover rate

In addition, the blog looks at the impact of Gamified assessments on company desirability, employee engagement, and staff turnover. Further, a ROI calculator that recruiters can use to calculate the ROI of their gamified assessments is presented.

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