Online Assessments: Faster, Simpler & More Cost Effective

Over the last decade the world of work has changed drastically. It’s therefore no surprise that the way in which I/O Psychologists or Psychometrists conduct assessments has changed as well. For the practice of assessments to continue to add value it had to respond to core organisational requirements of: faster, simpler, cheaper, yet rigorous. However, the use of online assessments for many years had its detractors often from within the psychological community itself. There was a belief that online testing carried ethical implications, could not be trusted in terms of its reliability, and lost the personal touch of the psychologist / client face-to-face relationship. These criticisms however have been dispelled and whilst there will always be the need for the more traditional one-on-one assessments, such as the Career Path Appreciation (CPA) or the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), the majority of organisations globally either have or are moving onto using online assessments to assist them in selecting and developing their talent.

The use of online assessments is therefore growing steadily primarily because of the following advantages they provide:

  • Remote administration so candidates can complete tests from any location
  • Easy logistic management
  • It’s quicker for candidates to complete online assessments
  • Significant cost savings and greater Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Often online assessments are accompanied by a cloud-based assessment system
  • The assessment system provides organisations with control of the assessment process
  • Assessment systems, such as PsyMetrics (A BIOSS offering) provides a one-stop-shop assessment solution
  • Reports are generated immediately so turn-around times are significantly less
  • The assessment systems, via the use of complex algorithms, ensure that reports are line manager and candidate friendly keeping them simple and easy to understand
  • Online assessments have been well researched and proven to be valid, reliable and culturally unbiased

 However, some possible disadvantages of online assessments also need to be noted:

  • An unstable internet connection can affect the assessment experience
  • Lack of interaction between assessor and assessee
  • The assessment environment cannot be controlled
  • Test-takers may be dishonest and seek assistance whilst completing the assessments

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