The ELDI 360° Leadership Survey provides an accurate indication of the perceptions surrounding individuals’ performance at work. This sophisticated 360-degree instrument relates an individual’s self-assessment to the assessments made by their superiors, peers and reports.

It is a 119-item questionnaire that assesses performance based on self-assessment and data from superiors, peers and subordinates. The 16 competencies assessed are known to be relevant to success at senior management levels, and include positive and negative aspects of executive performance.

The ELDI™ competency framework includes skills/abilities/personal attributes such as Professional Competence, Conceptual Flexibility, Long-Term Vision, Conceptual Skill, Political Alertness, Interpersonal Skills, Empowering Subordinates, Teamwork, Objectivity, Initiative and Commitment. It also identifies inhibitors: i.e. Technical Shortcomings, Selfishness, Arrogance, Interference, Temper, and Inaccessibility. ELDI™ takes about 45 minutes to complete.

The ELDI™ is fully customizable, enabling it to be used with any required set of competencies and questions. It also includes a built-in Item Analysis utility to enable questions to be validated making it suitable for assessing an organisation’s existing competency frameworks in a sophisticated computer-supported environment, as well as for developing and testing new competency frameworks.