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Excellence and reliability in customer service is critical to success. With the increasing number of businesses capable of providing quality products at a reasonable price, customer service has become the competitive difference. Given the importance of providing excellent customer service in the present and future marketplace, organizations need to employ individuals who possess a high degree of service skills and train these individuals to apply those skills effectively.

The Service Situational Judgment Test (SJT) highlights the important questions that managers should be asking when hiring or training a professional who will be providing services to internal and/or external clients. The following questions will help you to identify those individuals who have a strong service orientation, and the Situational Judgment Test can help you to answer them.

Service Orientation

To what degree is this candidate customer focused? Are they likely to go out of their way to help the customer? And do they have the ability to remain service-oriented even during difficult customer situations?

Interpersonal Skills 

Is this candidate friendly and people-oriented? Do they exhibit excellent interpersonal skills when interacting with others?

Listening skills 

To what degree is this candidate open to learning new experiences? To what degree will they listen to the needs of the client, and use these listening skills to guide their sales strategies?


Does this candidate think things through in an organised and reliable manner? Are they able to make decisions based on careful though rather than impulse?

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