Change management is core to the BIOSS consulting approach, the Matrix of Working Relationships (MWR) – one of the most comprehensive and useful models of organisational behaviour and dynamics currently available. This model provides in-depth understanding of the types of responsibilities and challenges experienced at the various Themes of Work represented within any organisation. In addition to the newest research on Neuropsychology, and translating this understanding of the brain into practical ways of managing various responses to change, the BIOSS SA framework is a benchmark in the industry.

The BIOSS perspective of Change Management focuses on assisting organisations and individuals to deal with the complexity created by the change, enabling the organisation to return to (or create) a condition where individuals experience flow, resulting in increased performance and engagement.

Benefits include:

  • A flexible training and consulting approach focused on integrating with existing organisational systems and processes.
  • A proven model that emphasizes utilizing the inherent experience and skills of managers and employees, as well as developing a core change capability within the organisation.
  • A framework that is easy to remember, practical and made to “stick”. This framework also provides guidance in managing the inherent challenges in planned, as well as unplanned or unexpected change, based on the practical application of the newest research in Neuropsychology.
  • The approach is not contextually bound, and is relevant to strategic transformational changes, as well as operational changes within a team or department environment.
  • The focus is on developing real capability in individuals with supporting material to assist in the application to various situations that will enable change management.