Organisational Development

BIOSS SA helps clients to diagnose various organisational problems and design and implement appropriate OD interventions to solve these problems and return an organisation to a state of flow.

Organisational Design

We help our clients by ensuring their organisational structure is designed effectively. Our methodology involves performing Matrix of Working Relationships (MWR) audits, organisational mapping and job profiling.

Talent Management

BIOSS SA implements talent management processes and systems for employee and leadership development, talent pipelining, skills audits and succession planning.

Competency Development

BIOSS SA develops and implements customised organisational competency solutions.


BIOSS SA assists individuals to optimise their performance, negotiate transitions into different types of work (i.e. levels of work) and improve their leadership effectiveness.

Change Management

The BIOSS perspective on change management focuses on assisting organisations and individuals to deal with the complexity created by the change, enabling the organisation to return to (or create) a condition where individuals experience flow, resulting in increased performance and overall organisational wellness.

BIOSS SA has also developed its own change management model called the Anchor Chain Model of Change.

Furthermore, our change management methodology is informed by new advancements in the field of Neuroscience – one of the most comprehensive and useful models of organisational behaviour and dynamics currently available.

Performance Management

We offer a manual or web-based performance management system that is people-centric and emphasises the alignment of business and individual performance.

Strategy Facilitation

BIOSS SA facilitates a process of designing and implementing organisational strategy.

Data Management

We provide our clients with effective people information management and reporting functionality for informed decision making. We achieve this through using our data management system Genie.

Research and Statistical Analysis

BIOSS SA creates supportive intelligence from qualitative and quantitative data.

Systems Leadership

Systems Leadership enables the leaders in an organisation to create the conditions where people at all levels can work productively to their potential. It uses sound principles about human behaviour to create models of good leadership, organisational strategy, systems design and social process. It provides leaders with tools that help to predict people’s behaviour in their organisation. It also helps to build effective systems which drive productive behaviour and lead to a more effective realisation of the organisation’s purpose.


Working in collaboration with the NeuroLeadership Group and drawing from the latest findings in Neuroscience, we do the following for our clients:

  • Enable individuals to enhance their effectiveness by understanding the brain
  • Help leaders improve the quality of their conversations
  • Train and certify executive and personal coaches
  • Partner with organisations to drive performance