Nature of Work (NoW) Reviews

Our Nature of Work Review methodology is underpinned by Levels of Work (LoW):

  • The Levels of Work (LoW) model provides a sound theoretical foundation that may be used to diagnose organisational effectiveness.
  • The model has been comprehensively researched and validated and is used by many organisations world-wide, large and small.
  • LoW enables the critical evaluation of current organisational structures and its associated role complexity. It provides a framework to design entirely new structures based on the complexity of its most senior roles and strategic intent of the business.

The Nature of Work Review Consulting process involves:

  • Meetings with the CEO / MD to determine the organisation’s Level of Work
  • Identifying the sample of jobs to be reviewed: identifying unique positions / job clusters
  • Information gathering i.e., reviewing existing role profiles / job descriptions and identifying employees (incumbents and their managers) to participate in interviews
  • Conducting LOW individual / group interviews: 2-hour structured interview sessions per job / cluster selected
  • Reporting on current work levels and recommendations for effectiveness

Benefits of a NoW Review

  • Improves the organisation’s ability to execute its strategy successfully
  • Ensures that the organisation can its meet current and future business requirements
  • Helps to build a future proof organisation
  • Reduces duplication of activities, identifies inherent inefficiencies, addresses capability gaps, highlights skills issues, and removes compression in the structure
  • Appreciates and leverages existing capability, unique value add, what “works” and differentiates the organisation from its competitors
  • Identifies a natural vertical differentiation of roles – with people focusing on their theme of work and being held accountable (and rewarded) for it
  • Employees attain clarity about their roles and accountabilities
  • Enables employees to be freed up to work to their full potential, increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and employee satisfaction
  • Identifies structural issues pertaining to overcrowding, or compression in the structure
  • Helps to select the right people into the right roles, especially when capability assessments are also used i.e., MCPA or MCPA-SCAN
  • Enhances succession planning and talent management processes
  • Ensures optimal resource deployment and utilization
  • Enhances the flow of people energy in the organisation, and their engagement
  • Allows for the creation of organisational maps (i.e., people capability data versus structural data)
  • Allows for the development of Flow Balance Sheets (utilising both people capability and structural data)

In addition to the NoW consulting solution, Bioss SA also offers an online, desktop-based approach to conducting Nature of Work Reviews. This approach is suitable for organisations who require a less time consuming and more cost-effective approach.

The online approach involves the following:

  • Review and analysis of relevant company or departmental strategies
  • Review and analysis of relevant organograms
  • Identification of Role Family Subject Matter Expert/s that can be consulted to confirm overall discretion of roles within the role family. After this, briefings are given to departmental stakeholders on purpose, context, and outputs, followed by an initial workshop with SME/s.
  • Analysis of current role profiles per job family. Role profiles are to be provided by the organisation
  • Feedback on where more information may be needed/information may be missing.
  • If required, consultation with SMEs in order to establish answers to any questions regarding the job roles / profiles
  • Provision of list of role profiles and required theme of work complexity e.g., Service, Practice etc. in MS Excel spreadsheet