A key characteristic of modern workplaces is the perpetual change on a continuous time cycle. Whilst change is necessary and good it can also leave us feeling drained of energy – this is the opposite of change resilience, which leave us feeling empowered and energized by change.

To cope effectively with these challenges, can be compared to running a race. The fitness that we need for this race is however not so much our physical fitness, as it is our mental fitness. Therefore them muscle we need to practice, is our brain so that our state of mind and thought can help us perform at our best and ‘thrive’ in the process of continuous learning.

BIOSS SA offers its clients a unique experiential workshop experience that helps individuals, teams and organisation to ‘thrive’ during times of change and stress.

The workshops focus on:

  • Understanding how and when your brain works best (and when it doesn’t)
  • How to regulate your bodily responses (especially under stress and pressure)
  • How to thrive, learn and grow in a rapidly changing and pressurised corporate world