Who has Potential? 

From Potential to Performance

A key talent trend that has emerged is a focus on predicting potential in organisations. In fact we are seeing the obsession with performance being overshadowed by it. The question however remains how do we ensure that we have more effective ways to predict potential?

Whilst not an easy task our suggestion is to focus on the concept of potential in a multifaceted manner. This includes assessing employees’: Capability, cognitive ability, personality, and current performance to predict potential.


Understanding the level of work complexity, and decision-making that an employee will be comfortable with in the future, as well as identifying the type of role i.e. manager, senior manager or executive position that an employee can realistically attain.


Cognitive Ability

Determining an employee’s cognitive horsepower, problem-solving, learning potential and abstract reasoning.



Assessing specific elements of personality that have been proven to be strong predictors of potential, as well as linking personality / behavioural characteristics to future job and organisational cultural requirements.


Using Current Performance to Predict Potential

Assessing employees’ current performance on a number of organisational competencies, and determining potential derailer / inhibitor factors.


By adopting a multifaceted approach like this above you are effectively assessing potential from multiple angles thereby improving the overall predictive validity of potential. Additionally, you are unearthing key developmental / derailer areas that can form part of personal developmental plans and coaching interventions to ensure that your employees’ potential is realised and that ultimately you see a movement from ‘potential to performance’.

For more information on how to apply this approach to identifying potential please email info@bioss.com.