The BIOSS Performance Management process includes the following features and steps:

  • Ensures robust job profiles are in place, as these serve as an underpinning of a performance agreement (PA). These may need to be built if not yet in place.
  • Understanding an organisation’s key strategic objectives which would be translated into the overall KPA’s and cascaded downwards through the business.
  • Selecting the appropriate methodology which will inform your performance agreement (e.g. balanced scorecard approach.
  • Establishing KPA’s and KPI’s per scorecard area.
  • Determining threshold, target and stretch performance goals.
  • Determining weighting of the balanced scorecard sections.
  • Determining evaluation measures/metrics per KPA.
  • Agreeing performance review cycles (bi-annual or yearly).
  • Applying an appreciative approach to conducting performance discussions.
  • Ensuring performance is evaluated through both hard and soft indicators.
  • Development of an online performance management system if required.

For more information on performance management please do not hesitate to contact BIOSS today to see how we can assist you.

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