Systems Leadership enables the leaders in an organisation to create the conditions where people at all levels can work productively to their potential. At BIOSS SA, one of our services offered is Systems Leadership consultation, which includes:

  • A coherent conceptual framework which explains why people behave as they do in organisations.
  • A set of concepts and models which predict the probable effectiveness of leadership, systems, staffing and structures.
  • Helps develop a shared way of thinking about and managing social process as a strategic business process.
  • Based on Elliott Jacques’ Stratified Systems & LoW theory.
  • Examines how/why people interact to accomplish work and produce results.
  • Outlines how to build positive and successful organisations through leadership, teamwork and systems.
  • SL is about mythologies, values, LoW, authorities and accountabilities, structures, systems, symbols and creating conditions where people can work productively to their potential.

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