Business coaching programmes are based on the Results Coaching System™, a coaching methodology taught to more than 11,000 graduates across 25 countries since 1996. We are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and have been trained through a methodology acknowledged as one of the coaching world’s most respected and intensive training experiences.

What Results to Expect

The Results Coaching System™ is neuroscience-based, process-focused and outcome-driven, making this approach ideal for coaching rational, business-focused professionals. The approach draws from contemporary neuroscience, along with research from positive psychology, adult learning theory, as well as systems and change theories.

What a Coaching Programme Does For You

Coaches work at the level of improving an individual’s underpinning thinking. This helps people progress from identifying impasses to generating insights, then enabling actions and finally generating positive and sustainable new cognitive and social habits. Get in touch with BIOSS today to start your business coaching programme and feel free to browse our other services offered.