BIOSS SA is extremely excited to announce our new strategic partnership with EDAC.

EDAC, a Cyprus based technology company, distributes a number of online assessment products namely the MCPA, LPA & ELDI, which focus on the analysis of human potential.

These tools are used to:

  • Select the ‘right people into the right roles’ at all organisational levels
  • Select or develop management through to executive level employees
  • Increase the level of flow and engagement in your organisation
  • Create a platform for mentoring, career path management, competency development
  • Develop talent pools for succession planning and leadership development programs
  • Create meaningful leadership in your organisation
  • Enhance job and organisational performance
  • Improve talent retention, job satisfaction and commitment

When using these tools individually and combined the outputs are extremely powerful.



BSA has been successfully distributing the EDAC products for many years, but as from 2018 will also be responsible for managing the EDAC business operations globally. This is extremely significant for BSA, as it implies that we will be operating at a truly global scale, managing the marketing, business development, and partner and technical support across the world. EDAC is currently represented by partners in the UK, Europe, Russia, India, Australia, and North and South America.

BSA is looking forward to the challenge associated with managing the EDAC business internationally.

For more information on the EDAC suite of products please email or visit or