Organisational development is vital. Managing change is a dynamic and continuous process. BIOSS has developed a powerful change process to enable positive change and to make organisations more effective and sustainable. Our models deliver change faster, with higher employee engagement and improved business results.

We offer a suite of consulting services which we tailor to your organisation’s unique requirements. Our holistic approach leverages the combined wisdom of BIOSS and the client and ensures we deliver the most beneficial and cost-effective solution.

How BIOSS Can Assist You

With a broad range of proven methodologies at our disposal, from the Matrix of Working Relationships to our deep knowledge of the human brain, we can deliver tangible results through:

  • The development of organisational Strategic Intents, strategies and values.
  • Organisation design and structuring.
  • Organisational change management (Planned and Unplanned Change).
  • Executive Coaching and Leadership Development.
  • The development of effective management practices.
  • Performance Management and Performance improvement programmes.
  • Cultural Change.
  • Team Effectiveness.
  • Human resources consulting:
    1. HR strategy and planning services.
    2. Talent management: program development and implementation.
    3. Performance management system design and improvement.
    4. Competency framework design and implementation.
    5. Role design and redesign.
    6. Recruitment and selection.

BIOSS SA provides the best organisational development programmes that delivers tangible results.